Zhang Xusheng, deputy secretary of Wuyi County Party Committee and county chief, came to Huajue for investigation

Time:2019-11-07 14:56:34

On the morning of January 3, Zhang Xusheng, deputy secretary of Wuyi County Party Committee and county head, led relevant department heads to Huajue Group for investigation. Wang Li, Huajue Chairman Wang Yuebin and his assistant Chen Lang accompanied the reception. The purpose of this survey is to improve enterprise services, make every effort to promote high-quality development, and promote new take-off of enterprises.


At the forum, the county chief heard Wang Yuebin's report on the company's brand, research and development, software, products, intelligent manufacturing, and information construction. Wang Yuebin said that in 2018, Wangli's brand value reached 27.162 billion yuan, ranking 109 among the top 500 Chinese brands, ranking first in the door industry for 7 consecutive years, and far ahead of other brands. The company vigorously promotes innovation, quality, service and intelligent manufacturing. Introduced a large number of outstanding talents from home and abroad, with a research and development team of more than 100 people, and established research and development centers in the company's headquarters, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Munich, Germany, and constantly innovated to meet and lead market demand. Take the lead in implementing intelligent management, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent products.

In terms of management, the company introduces the world's most advanced SAP software, EC platform, SCM platform, bank-enterprise direct connection and other projects, so that the entire process from ordering to delivery of the paperless office can be clearly seen at anytime, anywhere. Through the interface of the capital system, enterprises can directly complete the management and scheduling of bank accounts and funds, and carry out various business operations such as information inquiry and transfer payment. Improve settlement efficiency, simplify account switching, and increase funding efficiency; check account records in real time to enhance risk management and control. The intelligent form of the dealer's ordering, payment, warehousing management, delivery, and reconciliation management perspectives better realizes quantitative management. The MES system promoted by the company allows the digitalization and informationization of the production link to provide support for intelligent manufacturing.

The company has established cooperation with Italian and international companies such as Sabanini of Italy, WITTMANN of the Netherlands, Golden Horse of Switzerland, and China National Machinery Research Institute and Foxconn to build a smart factory. At present, the first automatic door punching production line with an investment of more than 28 million yuan has been put into production. The number of workers has been reduced from more than 30 to 3, and the production capacity has been increased by 20%. At the same time, the product quality has also been greatly improved. At the same time, the construction of intelligent production line and three-dimensional warehouse of the new factory building was also introduced.


In exploring the path of intelligent manufacturing, the company deeply realized that the upgrading of the manufacturing industry increasingly requires the integration of the Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. In 2017, the company became the first batch of benchmarking enterprises on the cloud in Zhejiang Province. In 2018, the company passed the certification of the integration management system of the two industries of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In terms of smart products, Wangli's smart lock is safe and convenient. It adopts a new three-proof discrete structure. For the first time, the smart lock's internal acquisition system, identification system, and central computing control system are independently set on the front panel, rear panel, and lock body. It can effectively ensure that the door lock cannot be opened even if the front panel and the acquisition system are artificially damaged. From mechanical locks to fingerprint locks, smart locks (fingerprint locks are ordinary fingerprint locks, security fingerprint locks, smart locks are ordinary smart locks, security smart locks) to smart access control, smart security, smart home IoT products have been put into use, Next, we will continue to polish and update the second and third generation products. Wangli door locks have taken the lead in the intelligent era.

Zhang Xusheng congratulated the company for its achievements. He said that in recent years, the company has focused on scientific and technological innovation, vigorously promoted the construction of intelligent information technology, is committed to becoming bigger and stronger, has been at the forefront of door industry development, provided a model for traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading and enterprise management, and provided a model. Business development is getting better and better. (Reporter of our newspaper)