Wang Li organizes all employees for a physical examination

Time:2019-11-07 15:07:40

In order to care for the health of employees and build a harmonious enterprise together, from November 6th to 16th, Wang Lian's defense union organized all employees to visit Yongkang Ruijin Hospital for annual health checkups. The inspection items included internal medicine, surgery, chest radiography, DR filming, 10 items including renal function, blood routine, color B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, gynecological examination, etc., provide a warm and healthy health for company employees. Employees from various industries of Wangli Security will participate in the medical examinations in batches. 


 For a long time, the company's labor union has always taken care of employees' physical health as an important daily task. Organizing employees to conduct a health check-up once a year not only enables the majority of employees to know their own health status in time, but also makes employees deeply feel the company's concern And love and appreciate the warmth of the company's extended family. At the same time, the company continues to improve the health protection system. Through the organization of various forms of cultural, recreational and health care activities, it promotes the correct concept of health, enhances employees' self-care awareness, and promotes the majority of employees to work in a good state, full of enthusiasm and stability. The mentality is devoted to their respective work to maintain the harmonious, stable and healthy development of the enterprise.


 The person in charge of the trade union told reporters that the staff physical examination is to allow employees to clearly understand their health status, and to achieve the purpose of "early diagnosis, early prevention, and early treatment" for preventing and treating diseases. Through comprehensive and detailed inspections, employees are effectively maintained. The occupational health and safety of employees enables employees to truly feel the warmth of the enterprise, further enhance the employees' centripetal force and sense of belonging, and inject the power for the company's good and rapid development. (Reporter of our newspaper)