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Tube research

A. The company's market commissioner conducts field visits to franchise areas.

B. Accurate market forecasting and project and profit evaluation.

Site Selection

A. Send a commissioner to conduct shop inspection and site selection guidance for franchisees.

B. Provide reports on the local building materials market, store locations, and market conditions.

Tube design

A. Unified and distinctive layout planning in the store, providing sample electronic CAD layout.

B. Uniform door head sign design and dimensional drawings are issued.


Tube planning

A. Before the opening of business, the planning staff will make an event planning plan.

B. The company event specialist guides the implementation and promotion of franchisee activities.


A. Reconstruction and optimization of franchisee management system.

B. Implement the standardized store management model and successfully transplant the company

Operation and management system.

Tube time

A. Accurate supply cycle of 30 days, urgent needs of customers to ensure your

The renovation period is correct.

B. Timely logistics and distribution, 100% of the damage to the goods will be paid in advance.







Join conditions

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1. Agree to sign and execute the corn wooden door franchise contract and open a corn wooden door store.

2. Recognize and implement unified brand management, and recognize the development of the corn wood door brand.

3. More than two years of household building materials business experience, strong financial strength, good social relations and engineering operation capabilities, must have a good reputation and peer reputation.

4. Able to use computer and familiar with Internet related business.

5. A Class A position must be obtained in the local first-class building materials market. The plan confirms that the store's operating area is: first-class cities ≥300㎡; second-tier cities ≥250㎡; third-tier cities ≥150㎡ can be used for corn wood doors.

6. Pay the brand service fee and security deposit as required by the company.

7. Agree with the company's VI decoration design and accessories plan, and strictly follow the company's requirements for design and decoration.

8. Actively cooperate with the company's regular or irregular terminal training and study hard until it meets the requirements.

Joining process


Fully understand the situation of Wangli corn wooden door


Select cooperation mode and determine location


Fill in the cooperation application form


Headquarters review applicant conditions


After the two parties negotiate and agree, sign a formal cooperation contract, pay the relevant costs, and issue an authorization certificate


The franchisee is selected or in person to receive training at the headquarters.


Set a strategy And renovate stores and operations,

Equipped with operational goods


The company co-produced the opening promotion plan and advertising plan, and was ready to open


Officially started operations, headquarters provides full tracking guidance

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