All wood series

1. The product adopts high-quality environmentally friendly substrates, and the surface is affixed with a variety of precious log bark. The wood grain texture is naturally made.

It not only has the high-end and luxurious quality of logs, but also has an excellent value for money experience.

2. The quality of the whole wooden door is stable, no deformation, no cracking, also has the characteristics of impact resistance at room temperature, and also sound insulation.

3. The whole wooden door has super adaptability and will not affect the product quality due to seasonal changes.

Pure color series

1. The door body is made of integrated wood and environmentally friendly materials, and the high-quality materials are laminated together.

2. The door core uses high-quality fir to control the moisture content, thereby ensuring the stability of the product.

3. The weight of the product is moderate, which effectively avoids the problem of falling for many years.

4. The sleeve uses a composite board with good stability and moisture resistance, which makes the product surface more beautiful and cost-effective.

Low carbon series

1. Imported wood grain generation technology imported from Italy, the wood grain texture is clear and natural.

2. Low-carbon environmental protection grade, environmental protection index is better than national standards, environmental protection coefficient is higher and healthier.

3. Stable performance and more affordable price.

4. The low-carbon feel is smooth, the color is soft and durable.

5. It has the characteristics of anti-deformation, moisture-proof, moth-proof and heat insulation.

Minimalist series

1. The panel material is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly double-decorated panel, and its compressive strength is more than twice that of traditional melamine panel.

2. Strong abrasion resistance, and has strong corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and other solvents will not affect the product.

3. The door leaf is processed by cold pressing molding technology, which has stronger resistance to deformation.

4. The inside of the door body is filled with a bridge-hole mechanical board, which effectively blocks the transmission of external sound sources, achieves a very

effective sound insulation and mute effect, and makes your private space more comfortable.

Ecological series

1. The surface of the product is made of high-quality melamine wood grain board, with natural and realistic texture and strong wear resistance.

2. Diverse product styles, in line with the aesthetics of different age groups, and cost-effective.

3. The product has a strong three-dimensional surface, it is fashionable, and the classic is not out of date.

Log series

1. The use of natural log wood, with a sense of precious high quality.

2. Products processed through dozens of procedures have the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks, heat insulation and normal temperature.

3. The production process is a combination of modern precision technology and hand-carved technology, which has more artistic value and collection value.

4. The original wooden door has good sound absorption and effectively plays a sound insulation effect.